How can I run for android?

How can I run for android?
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I setup environment in this tutorial
I can run it on iOS. But I can’t run it on android. I try many time but still error
I captured my screenshot. Someone help me, please.

workspace 2013-10-08 08-34-27.png (334.9 KB)

Problem Occurred 2013-10-08 08-35-07.png (64.2 KB)


Someone help me please :frowning:


This is two different problems.
First problem seems lose files in your assets, please be sure all files are there.
Second problem is simply to solve, just remove one stuff in Eclipse as attachment I captured.

solution is
1.Select the right project
2.Choose “project”on the tool bar -> Properties
3.Click “Builders” in the menus of the popped up window
4.Remove the missing builders