How can i contribute?

How can i contribute?
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if I would like to do some additions/changes to the latest version of cocos2d-x what is the required process?


  1. Fork our repository on github: to yours, e.g.
  2. Make changes to your repo
  3. Pull request to the upstream, I mean, to repo.
    You can refer to github’s help document.

This is the best way. If you’re confused by git, no problem, just paste your source code on this forum. I will deal with them.


I would like to do small contributions, like taking care that the version macro is updated, for example :stuck_out_tongue:

Won’t a pull request give you even more work to do it?

I would also like to share a bug fix that we got, that’s more like to get into a post.



Pull request can be accepted with one mouse click. It’s simplier for maintainer than manually apply your contributed changes.


Yeah, pull request is the best way. When you familiar with github, you’ll fall in love with it :slight_smile: