How about removing repo?

How about removing repo?
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I just checked the projects listed under account. Thanks to the community’s effort, most of them are very healthy, except
# cocos2d-iphone-extensions, last updated at 6 month ago
# cocos2d-x-extensions, last updated a year ago

I’m considering if we should remove cocos2d-x-extensions repo. For these reasons
# Since v2.0, we add “extensions” folder and library into cocos2d-x repo, their test cases are involved in TestCpp.
# The source code in cocos2d-x-extensions repository are already deprecated, which is not compatible with v2.x anymore
# No one is taking charge of maintaining cocos2d-x-extensions repo.

So how about removing this useless repo from cocos2d account? Or is anyone on this forum would like to maintain this repo?