Home button not responding

Home button not responding
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First, a big “thanks” to those of you supporting this project.

I used the stock script for creating an android project. The app itself is running find and doing what it is supposed to but when testing on a Nook Tablet, pressing the home button has no effect. Clicking it twice quickly will break out of my app to the Nook’s menu.

The AppDelegate has the following code (I haven’t changed it)…

void AppDelegate::applicationDidEnterBackground()


// this function will be called when the app is active again
void AppDelegate::applicationWillEnterForeground()


Any thoughts on what I might be overlooking?


Hi Larry:

Did you get this problem solved? I have the same problem on NOOK tablet too. The app got rejected because of that. I don’t have this problem on Kindle fire. If you get this issue solved, please let us know how did you solve the it. Thanks