High Quality Cocos2d-x White PNG


Hey Cocos Team

I was wondering if there is any high quality 1024x1024 or 512x512 versions of you logo anywhere. Preferably the one that is used on the twitter page.

I wanted to include it in my game




I’ll get you a copy, I don’t have it either.


cocos2d-x needs a press kit available, so everyone can use it :wink:


cocos2dx-vector-brand.ai.zip (128.5 KB)

Unzip this attachment, and get the .ai format.


Walzer beat me to it.


What about the one that is used on the cocos twitter page?

This one will be hard to make white, and I’m not really good at Adobe Illustrator :frowning:



that is this one:

cocos-logo-dark.ai.zip (300.7 KB)


Fantastic! Thanks!