High Cpu in idle mode 50 %

High Cpu in idle mode 50 %
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Even on hello world my CPU load is very high 50% in idle mode.Is this related to 0pengl Es emulator or it is a performance issue ?


the same high CPU load here. It would be nice to fix this issue.
I have tried the sleep(1) patch mentioned in another forum, but it not helps.
Thank you


After I modified int CCApplication::run() function in cocos2dx/platform/win32/CCApplication_win32.cpp
sleep(0) to sleep(17) in the while(1) loop, CPU usage can go below 50 on my laptop (or 100 per CPU accordingly).
(sleep(17) means sleep for about 1/60s = 16.67 msecs.)

To test the lowered CPU usage you should call
CCDirector::sharedDirector()->setAnimationInterval(1.0 / 10); or