Hiding action bar in Android

Hiding action bar in Android
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Hi all,

I just finish porting my first game from iOS cocos2d to cocos2dx for android, I did set the theme style to full screen in the app manifest. The problem is that it goes full screen but it is overlap by the Action Menu Bar in the tablet, I was wondering if there is a way to scale to the top of the action bar like the angry Birds does or if there is a way to hide the action bar?


Don’t have an answer, but I have been looking in to this too. There doesn’t seem to be one simple way, with some options working pre 4.0 and others working after. On top of that I an not an Android programmer, so I could only hack together something that “might” work. A few links that I came across (in case someone wants to incorporate these together in to Cocos2d-x):