Hi, i am beginner of mobile game developer cross platform(cross platform)

Hi, i am beginner of mobile game developer cross platform(cross platform)
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i am looking for a cross platform (ios and android) sdk

i have tried ibm worklight and looks great in working with develop some apps for running both in ios and android.
it can output as an xcode project or android anytime.
but it looks make for business application instead of game purpose which not i expected.

does cocos2dx can do the same way(output as ios app and android from same source code)?

i had read this reference
Step by Step Cocos2dxSimpleGame Series
Chapter 1 - How to Create a New cocos2d-x project on multi-platforms

but it sound like talking work in different environment? am i miss something ?

thank all =]


Hi David,

With cocos2dx you have a game engine made with C++. Each platform uses some platform specific classes, but that’s transparent to you. In your project, you have a “CLASSES” folder, that should be platform independent. In some projects you need to create platform specific code (to use native sdk’s like facebook, flurry, IAP, etc), then you have to organize your project well to be as much platform independent as possible.

But if you make a basic game without platform specific code, it’s directly cross platform, and will run on any Cocos2dx supported platforms.

Depending on what platforms you want to focus on, you can develop under windows, mac or linux. For iOS / Android I recomend you need to work using a Mac computer.

Good luck and welcome to cocos2dx


Thank you very much !
Hope you have a nice day
That what i exactly need !