Here a Simple code to show animations, CCMove, plist Parser and touch interface


Hi, i’m playing with Cocos2d-X and …well i’m having a hard time translating C Obj examples to C*+ :slight_smile:
I’ve converted the first chapter of a book and added some code. I’ve spend toons of time and i see that is not easy find examples in C**.
Then i want to share my “code”.
It have a:
plist Parser to load Animation Files
An animated sprite that moves at an N speed
A touch “interface”
A cool inherits of the CCsprite class
ok it’s only an animated sprite that u can move with the mouse in the screen, but it takes me 15* hours of hard works :smiley:
I hope this helps who wants more then the Cocos2dSimpleGame (it lacks of animations).

End of Line (597.9 KB)


Cool. The translation will be more smooth as you write C++ more and more.