Help with "No matching member function for call to 'addChild'"


I’ve been fiddling with 2dx v3 and c++ for a couple days now, coming from a little java experience on android.

Let me say that this has been a rude awakening for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I get “No matching member function for call to ‘addChild’” any time I try to call addChild() from inside any of my own functions. It was my understanding that any functions in the helloworld class would inherit all the functions/properties of the class.
I built the “HelloWorld” project and added a little animation, tilemapped level, the requisite physics for those to be useful, and I keep having to do clumsy workarounds for a problem I simply don’t understand and can’t find mention of anywhere (probably because it’s stupefyingly simple).

Anyway… having fun!
Ha, be well all.


well, you can’t just addChild() to just any class.

Do you have any code to demonstrate your issue?