Help! Linux: C++: Eclipse Build

Help! Linux: C++: Eclipse Build
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I have installed cocos2d-x but have hit problems.

I can run the HelloWorld as an Eclipse ‘Java’ project - so it doesn’t understand the C*+ bit. . (I have
tried to do the ’covert to c**‘project, but although I can build command line ok, eclipse does not see the ’ANDROID GCC’
tool chain.
As an alternative, I’d be happy to make a native linux project, editing C*+ files in eclipse and running on unbuntu
then when I am ready, copy this to the android project. But I can’t make a C*+ project either. I copy the helloworld
example, but it doesn’t build. Looks like all the build settings are messed up. I try to edit them in eclipse manually
but that fails too.
The help pages talk of using ‘’, but this makes an Android project and not a linux one.
I’ve been going round and round this for days! Help!
Help me get an Android project that I can edit the C*+ files. Or a linux project which I can edit C++ files in eclipse.

thanks in advance



You should set NDK_ROOT_LOCAL and COCOS2DX_ROOT_LOCAL correctly and in project properties set c++ builder to invoke from your project directory


Thanks for the reply, but I’ve given up on the dev on linux.

I’ve managed to get cocos2d-x working under Xcode. That works quite well. I am porting
from objective-c so this is the best choice I think. I can then copy ported files over
and just compile them under linux to get the android version. Done a simple test with
an animated background class, works a treat. Just another 10000 lines to go…