Help. Ipa file too big. 150Mb. How to compress it.

Help. Ipa file too big. 150Mb. How to compress it.
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Hello. I’ve a big problem. I heard that the limit on the IOS app store for an app is 60 Mb. I’m using COCOS2D-X with Javabindings for my app. I just created the ipa binary and I discovered that my resources are 45Mb at all and binary is the other 105Mb and actually the game is only at 50%. Then I discovered that the COCOCS2D-X libs folder itself is 38Mb. Considering also the included frameworks which I suppose are needed to COCOS2d to run:

  • QuartzCore.framework
  • OpenGLES.framework
  • OpenAl.framework
  • AudioToolbox.framwork
  • CoreGraphics.framework
  • AVFoundation.framework
  • UIkit.framwork
  • facebookSDK.framework
  • I’m getting about 100Mb only of code ? I think it’s too much. How can I drastically reduce it ?


Did you build your game in release mode?


I don’t remember. I remember that i copied some of the configurations and created an AdHoc configuration for this purpose. Should I build in release mode ?


I just checked. I copied now a Release configuration and build with it. Still the same problem. App file 179Mb


To be honest I extended some of classes adding my own methods and the javabindings too. But I didn’t add 100Mb of code in that.


I solved the problem. I realized that in a related directory Xcode linked too some backup folders with a bunch of data. So the executable drastically encreased.
So my fault. Sorry guys. :slight_smile: