Help installing

Help installing
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I am trying to install on my windows. I have installed Microsoft VS 2010

I followed this ……
it advises to install using the
but that file is missing. its not in the zip file

i was also able to see other means of installing…
it advises to install using the bat file build-win32.bat

  1. when i open that file in windows explorer(normal running of file by double clicking), a cmdpromt windows opens then closes right away.
  2. when i open a cmd promt > then going to that directory’s location, and entering command build-win32.bat… i get a message that says

* check vc++ environment…

**building cocos2d-x library binary, please wait a while…
**/ <—- up to this point i think everything is as expected

‘“”’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
( was unexpected at this time. <—— these 3 lines are not expected


The same issue as this thread.