hello world on iphone - using 3.2.4 xcode and 4.1 iOS

hello world on iphone - using 3.2.4 xcode and 4.1 iOS
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hi. nice work doing this.

i unzipped your latest zip. did not link. i had to manually add the file_support folder to the support folder.
i then #include<assert.h> in FileUtils.cpp, then i commented out getFileDataFromZip function.
im not familar with xcode very much, so not sure why that folder did not get pulled into the project.


I apologize for this case. Our master repositroy on github is unstable in these days. The new featrue CCFileUtils::getFileDataFromZip is for uphone only, but it seems affecting other platform and is not well tested.

May you download cocos2d-0.99.4-x-0.7.0 instead? It’s the last stable. Unzip it, run test/test.iphone/test.iphone.xcodeproj, It will do the job.


the link you sent does not seem to extract the zip.
anyway this link is better
once again thanks.


just another quick question. i have set up my xcode and have developer licence and am able to create obj c projects and download to real ipod. is this possible with these c++ projects. seems if i try it just says no provisioned iOS device available.


seem like now i cannot build any xcode projects and down load to phone.
Something strange is happening.


its seems my ipod was updated to iOS4.2 , but my mac mini is still using 4.1. hopefully with the update i can resolve the problem.


We have tested it on real iphone3GS. Especially the multi-touch & accelerometer, which can’t test on simulator
Build and download is OK. So there may be some other troubles on your download.