Having trouble with static values

Having trouble with static values
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// keyword
static const char KEY_MFX[] = “gofac_cd.mfx”;
static const char KEY_SFX[] = “gofac_cd.sfx”;
static const char KEY_BACKGROUND[] = “gofac_cd.bg”;
static const char KEY_BIRD[] = “gofac_cd.bird”;

how can i change my static like KEY_MFX = “abcxyz” in other class ?


const char variable can’t modify, u can use string replace in a singleton class


Ok thanks u Jetion Cry :smiley: .

But can i modify another variable like static bool ?

Ah . i have another trouble too , i want to use cccallfunc with arguments . But i done know how must do :frowning: .

Sr my english not good :frowning: .


static bool variable certainly can be modify.

u can use like this : SEL_CallFunc action
and it is best not to forget the : CCObject


Ok i found it thanks for your help :smiley: