Handling back button on wp8.1 (universal)

Handling EventKeyboard::KeyCode::KEY_BACK works on Android but, doesn’t on Windows Phone 8.1 (Universal).

Any built-in solution or i will need to create a “back” virtual button for each scene?

You can create virtual back in game.But only use for test.Store will reject your app:D.That is a problem and they never fix for us.I already create issued 3 month ago

There is a Cocos Windows Contest right now, how the devs. are solving it? Its funny.

haha.You can use wp8-xaml( poor performance) or use windows store project to joint contest.Windows store dont need back button

WP8 == VS2012 (losing features of c++11, etc.) so, no deal. :smile:

Windows Store App, my game is portrait oriented (even setting up portait on xamlmanifest), but get scretched, i dont’t know why… (Testing from my desktop).

WP8-xaml can use visual 2013 and features of c++11 same universal app.It only poor performance.“Scretched” i think you dont resize your game by ratio.Let resize it

Oh, i forgot completly: i am using EXACT_FIT. :blush:

WP8-xaml doesn’t require WP8 SDK?
And this only works well on VS2012 (with no workaround or modified vs2013)?
At least, last time i checked it (one year ago).

yes use sdk 8.1 is good

Thanks to MS Open Tech Guys…They have done it here:
Back Button in WP8.1

It Worked for me :blush:

Any idea on how to do this on cocos2d-js?

I have this and it does not work:

onKeyReleased: function (key, event) {
var target = event.getCurrentTarget();
switch(key) {
case cc.KEY.back:
case cc.KEY.home:
case cc.KEY.escape: