Guide: OpenFeint and Admob integrated with cocos2d-x...

Guide: OpenFeint and Admob integrated with cocos2d-x...
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Finally, my game “ChickenEggs” porting from iOS to Android using cocos2d-x already on the market.

I keep my promise to show you a simple but detail guide to show how to integrated OpenFeint and Admob with cocos2d-x.

The guide is here :

(PS:I don’t if China block or not, if you can’t see it, please let me know.)

And My Game is available below :

iPhone/iPad universal version :

Android free version :

If you guys think this post is help, please give me five stars and good comment with my game, I will be very appreciated.

Thank you.

Integration between cocos2d-x and some interesting java tools
replacement of game center ?

I rated it 5 starts on Android Market and posted a recommendation.

Bu the way I liked your graphics so much. Where do you get your graphics and sounds?

I usually hire graphical artists here. It’s cheap and they do a great work.






Thank you for your time to give my game some advices.

As for the designer, that’s my wife’s works.

I have told her that you like her works, and she is happy about this.

And thank you for your sharing about the great site.

Maybe she don’t want to do anymore works for me and want to outsource that to others, ha


I purchased & rated both ios & android version of 5 starts. It’s really a funny game. I got 1700+ scores just now,ohyeah!
Thanks for your blog, I’ve promoted it on weibo & twitter.


Awksome work.


Thank you guys…

But I also want to thank you for your great works of cocos2d-x porting.

That’s a cool thing, maybe we can make a wish that the engine will support Windows Phone 7, right ?



Yes, we are doing our best.


WP7 can not support coding on c**. We definitely need to translate c**/objc code into c#. In other words, there will be another branch of cocos2d.
What’s your opinion about this?


Eventually, I have no idea about that.

As for C#, I only have some experiences about network services on Windows Mobile/CE but not Windows Phone 7.

I try to google about “Windows Phone 7 & C++”, and I found if you are the OEM of Microsoft then the answer is yes, otherwise you can’t do this.

Maybe what we can do is just waiting Microsoft release something like NDK.

Sorry, there is no useful message here.


I have post this guide on sina blog.

In case you guys come from China, you can link to my blog without a VPN connection.

Here is the link :

And also welcome to my sina blog :

Thank you.


Your wife is a great artist.

I’m pretty sure that she can make much more money with her art than we both together with our games :slight_smile:

When she decide to work as a freelancer, she should register in this site.

It alway has many job offers and the site will assure she will be paid.




Hi how can i integrate cocos2d-x with facebook,twitter,openfeite and addmob plz give me replay and i want .h ,and .cpp files for that