GUI extensions and Cocosbuilder support for cocos2dx 2.1.0 for windows phone 8


Hi there,
Cocos2dx-2.1.0 for windows phone 8 has been released as an alpha on 27th Match 2013. But there ate no extensions added in Cocos2dWindowsphone folder. There is only CCNotificationCenter added as an extension. Previously for opengles branch the extensions like CCScrollView, CCTableView, CCBreader to read ccbi files were included. Is there any plan in coming few weeks that these extensions will be added to the wp8 branch.
I have created a game using cocos2dx-2.1.0 that runs perfectly well for iOS and Android. Now I am porting it to add support for windows phone 8.
Every thing is working fine uptil now on windows phone 8 but the problem is with the extensions mentioned above. Is there a problem with DirectX functionality for it. Can anybody tell me how to use native UI of the windows phone 8.
In Beta release are you planning to add them soon. And when will the stable version be released. Has any buddy has written his own implementation can he help me out.


I’m in the same boat - just waiting for these extensions. It’s a shame as I really want to get started on WP8, but don’t think I have the platform knowledge to port the extensions myself.



Is cocosbuilder support in cocos2d-x for windows phone 8 available now or still not