GUI controls with IOS look & feel

GUI controls with IOS look & feel
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Hi Forum,
I am developing a board game and all is fine about the core game views.
However now I need to develop an admin kind like of GUI and I am a little bit stuck with the limitations of Cocos-x GUI controls. While the controls are, on principle, very flexible the are very low level and require the developer to take care of a lot of details to reach a complex look and feel. Is there anywhere some example or library that has already implemented a basic UITableView like control with standard IOS 7 look & feel? Does anyone has any suggestion?
Thanks & Regards,


Hey Luca/register,

you can implement the UITableView in a CCScene:

here is the tutorial(i also don’t speak the language, but there is pretty simple code):

and here is the repository for this project:

Hope this points you in the right direction and helps you out.