Getting Start

Getting Start
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I would like to develop games for Android, I’m using the Windows 7 64.

How to get start with cocos2d-x?

Some files mentioned in the “Getting Start” section in the “Learn” menu in this site, doesn’t exists. Like “create-android-project.bat” or “create-project.bat”.

The bad thing is that I can’t find any updated information about it in the Google.

I’ve downloaded the 2.2 version in the “Download” menu in this site and when I unzipped the package, I got a bunch of files I simply don’t understand.

I don’t even know if I shall compile it.

I tried to compile it using the build-win32.bat, but it doesn’t work. So, I gave a try with the cocos2d-win32-.vc2012.sln file in the visual studio 2012, although I got 2 errors related with missed files and over 300 warnings, it built “successfully”. But the released result was a collection of games, and I really don’t understand that.

The section “Learn” is outdated, I tried to download the newest version “Download v3.0 alpha0” but the result was the same.

My last try was downloaded the CocoStudio, but I don’t know if it includes the framework. The information about cocos2d-x is scarse, and when it is found it’s outdated. In this scenario is impossible to getting start!

Anyone knows some source of reliable information to get start with cocos2d-x in windows 7 ( 64 preferable) for developing 2d Android games?

Thank you :confused:


Hi Jair,

Please go through this link:

It is a tutorial I wrote after struggling with the installation like you. On the web we have he installation steps for the older versions and the newer version guides are not easy to understand as well.

Hence I wrote this to make life easy for others who want to get started with cocos2d-x.

I used the same steps on my Windows 8 machine and I am sure it would work on Win 7 as well. Let me know in case of any issues during the installation.