Getting properties of a CCTMXObjectGroup

Getting properties of a CCTMXObjectGroup
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In cocos2d-x in combination with Tiled Map Editor, I am trying to get the dictionary of properties of an object group. However, the values in the dictionary are corrupted.

From the tmx file:

<objectgroup color="#aa5500" name="myObjectGroup" width="36" height="20">

From the code:

// get object group
CCTMXObjectGroup* pObjGroup = _tiledMap~~>objectGroupNamed;
// get properties of this object group
CCDictionary* properties = pObjGroup~~>getProperties();

I’ve added a watch for `properties` and it is filled with ``.

Hence things like `float w = properties->valueForKey(“width”)->floatValue();` do not work.

However, the `CCTMXObjectGroup* pObjGroup` itself works fine. Also, I can get the properties of all individual objects in this object group. The only thing that does not work is getting the properties of the object group itself.

Since this is a relatively infrequently used thing, could it be that this case was forgotten when writing cocos2d-x?