Getting past Hello World

Getting past Hello World
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Morning All
Last year I used to be able to deploy an Android App on a device with no problem. I come back a year later and its all updated. Now I’m close but I’m stuck with the HelloWorld screen coming up and no further even when I have deleted the HelloWorld.h and .cpp files and replaced them with a Splash.h and .cpp. It’s as if the eclipse project won’t refresh. Anyone come across this?


PLesae someone … This is such a silly place to be stuck … Hellllllppppp


Have you added the Splash files to ?


Thanks for the reply Asloob … I was updating the file but no joy there

I feel the problem is in the C++ make command. I followed the Ray Wenderlich/Jean-Yves Mengant tutorial and when I get to specifying how to run the make command in the Properties section with…

bash ${workspace_loc:/samplecocos2dxandroid}/ NDK_DEBUG=1 V=1

it goes in fine but when I … Project/Build All … it doesn’t seem to do anything … I must have configured something wrong earlier but I cant find it.

Ray’s tutorials are great but after a while the feedback dies so I can’t get anything there