Getting mobile phone language?

Getting mobile phone language?
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is there a way to access some mobile phone paralmeter like language via cocos2d-x? (could be valid for android and win32 by the way)
I know you can get it from ios can’t remenber which obj-c function though for now.


Since the engine version cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.5, there is a static function CCApplication::getCurrentLanguage() to get the current language configuration.
If the phone language configuration is Chinese, the return value is kLanguageChinese. Or the return value is kLanguageEnglish.

We will add more language support if it’s necessary.


being a french living in Germany, I obviously need both French and German :wink: those 2 languages are with Spanish those big markets after En, Ch. Jpn maybe nice too although it s a market hard to get into from the exterior


Thanks for your advice! We will consider about that!:smiley: