Getting error: Program "bash" is not found in PATH

Getting error: Program "bash" is not found in PATH
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I have set the build command in the C/C++ build and changed the builder to Gnu Maker Builder. However, Eclipse still shows this error. Is there any solution?


What platform are you on? What does

 which bash 

show when you enter it in terminal?


I am using eclipse to develop android apps on Windows 7. The NDK is r8e and cocos2dx is the latest version. I don’t know which bash. I just follow the guideline about how to set up the development environment on Windows on the official website. However, the message “Program”bash" is not found in the PATH" is always showed.


I tried to add a new environment variable “PATH”, which the bash.exe in cygwin64\bin. However, another error“sdk/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/GLES_V2/GLESv2Imp.cpp:glUseProgram:1911 error 0x501” occurs.


You should try testing on device first.


It works on the device. However, is there any way to let it be executed on the emulator?


AFAIK GLES 2.0 support is not yet avaiable on emulator.


Hope this will solve the issue