Getting a clean project setup in VS 2012

Getting a clean project setup in VS 2012
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I’m new here, but Cocos2D looks awesome. I’m going to start by creating a game for the Windows Store. I’ve managed to get all the projects to build in the main VS solutions (both the one in the root directory for winrt and in the templates directory).

The thing I’m struggling with is that these solutions seem to have lots of projects in them. I’m really only interested in using the libraries - I’m not at a point where I’m ready to contribute or need to customize anything in the open source (I’m refreshing on my C++, building only my second game, etc).

So my question is, what’s the best way to get the cleanest solution setup? Ideally I’d create some empty project (but I’m not sure which type), add a dependency to the required ship dlls (and store them in my project’s folder) and be on my way. But this has been fairly hard to figure out how to do. I don’t want to store all the full projects, etc in the source control for my game. And there’s no template or extension for VS2012 to make it easy to create a lean and mean project/solution in VS.

Any suggestions on getting the cleanest, simplest, setup to start building a game for just the Windows Store platform?