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GDC Talk
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Hey guys,

I am going to give a talk about cocos2d-js for GDC.
I would like to know who is using cocos2d-js (company name), and the games that you have released (links to the game), or screeshots or video captures in case the game wasn’t released yet.

By cocos2d-js I mean the cocos2d JS API, so it could be either:

  • cocos2d-html5
  • or cocos2d-x (or cocos2d-iphone) + JS bindings


By the way, this is the talk:


Update from twitter, Venbit’s Kingdom Island wasrelease on Feb 25th with cocos2d + javascript binding



I guess Kingdom Island is the first game to use cocos2d-x +JSB and cocos2d-html5!
They have the same game on the web using cocos2d-html5:


Hi, I release today a version of my game
Shuriken Attackm,
it’s based in cocos2d-html5.
I put it inside Chrome Web Store.

My name is Fabio Cunha and i’m a indie developer.


My talk, in PPT format:


thank’s for your info Ricardo


Thanks for your share, Ricardo