[Game] Solitaire

[Game] Solitaire
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Check out my first game using cocos2d-x. It is only available for Android at the moment.

Google Play store link

Solitaire world - a collection of 30+ solitaire card games. It includes a lot of the popular games.

The collection of solitaire games include:

  • Klondike(Regular Solitaire), FreeCell, Golf, Spider,
  • Bakers Dozen, Trefoil, La Belle Lucie,Castle in Spain, Shamrock,
  • BakersGame, EightOff, Sea Towers, Penguin,
  • Yukon, Double Yukon, Old Carlton, Alaska, Scorpion, Double Scorpion, Australian Patience
  • Simple Simon, Thumb Pouch, Blind Alleys, West Cliff, White Head
  • Spiderette, Gargantua, East Haven, Will Wisp
  • Lady Of The Manor, Forty Thieves, Canfield, Cruel
  • Bristol, Lady Jane, Chinese, Thirty Six,
  • Bisley, New York, TriPeaks
  • Poker, Miss Milligan, Alhambra, Old Carlton


i enjoyed playing these solitaire games. Great time killer.


good game