Game prototypes on Windows?

Game prototypes on Windows?
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I have previously made games for regular PCs. I’d like to try to develop a game for mobile phones, but I don’t really know where to start yet. I found out about Cocos2D-X because I know C++ and it’s cross-platform.

Is Cocos2D-X suited to making a mobile game prototype for Windows? (And then port it to actual phones?)

Thank you.


Win32 port is better to be the dev environment, so we can write codes in VisualStudio, debug it, and easily build to android/ios finally. This way is the common usage of cocos2d-x.
If you want to write games on cocos2d-win32, I’m afraid it’s no very stable enough since it depends on PowerVR opengles library, and this library requires players to update their driver of video card.