Game Lags when loading levelhelper file

Game Lags when loading levelhelper file
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When i am loading my level file(made in levelheler) my game ‘hangs’ for 2-3 seconds…
even if i show a loading screen it gets displayed after whole level is loaded for a fraction of second…

Is there a way to show a loading screen when a level is being loaded…


@suveerjacob Sorry to trouble you.But I have got the same problem.Actually my delay time is much longer .Have you make it?Would you like to give me some help?


Hello will,

I could’nt find the solution of the problem that we are facing. What i did to show the loading screen is to call the loading screen first(create a new scene or layer for it) and then from its init method call the game play scene after a delay of 2 seconds(using scheduler).
But this solution has a limitation that you can only show a simple screen with no animation.
In short i am showing a fake loading screen.
One more thing, you can ask you question on levehelper forum as it will be answered by levelhelper creator himself(Bogdan Vladu).
If you find any solution to this problem plz let me know as i can implement it in my new game.


Thank you so much for response.I will try what you advised.Of sure my advice will come to you too,if I have make it.
Thank you so much.:slight_smile: