Game hangs, fatal bug?

Game hangs, fatal bug?
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Hi, I just tried testing my game in 3 android devices.
1 Samsung Galaxy S4, 1 modified Samsung Galaxy, 1 Advan Vandroid.

It works perfectly in S4, constant 60 fps. In the modified Samsung Galaxy, the fps usually at 62 fps, weird or normal?

The last one is Advan Vandroid, fps is displayed around 200 even though my fps setting is supposed to be 60, I can open the option and about page without problem but when if I click the button to the game page, it just hangs at the title screen, then if I press android home button, it just stay at there, can’t do anything, but the fps counter is still moving up and down around 200, that means it’s not actually hang?
I waited for a moment but the screen just stay there, I need to unplug the battery to make it stop.

The device can play Despicable Me and Plants Vs Zombies fine, so I don’t think it’s device problem…


Sorry, we don’t have Advan Vandroid to test. Does it modify the android kernel?


@zhangxm I don’t know, I just borrowed it from someone. It’s local brand android that quite many people use beside samsung.

I think this is the spec:

ps: I don’t get email notification when someone reply here?


What’s the engine version you used?
About the notification problem, we are writing a doc about how to enable it.


@zhangxm I’m using cocos 2.2.0, windows 7 64 bit, and android ndk r8e.
It’s just my guess but it’s probably something to do with stencil…
I can send you the apk if you want.

ps: dunno why I get the notification now :slight_smile: