Game freezes on scene change


Hi, we had made a game long back in cocos2dx 1.0.1-x-0.12.0. It had social features which required data to be sent and received to a server and it worked fine on iOS devices. The first loading screen makes a couple of calls before moving on to another CCScene.
We are now porting this to android using JNI since pthreads were very unstable with libcurl on devices.
The game works fine on versions of android 2.3.7 and lower. The problem is android ICS. First CCScene is just a scheduler which checks if all the data is received and then moves on to game scene. On ICS, all the calls are successful but when it moves on to the next CCScene the game freezes which is not happening on gingerbread.

I tried changing few settings like the strict mode, the target API level, permissions, base SDK version but no avail.
Please help…!


Are you using pThread for making Facebook request? If yes, instead of try using either JNI code or use HTTPRequest with Callback method. It’s not exact solution to your problem but could be used as alternative.


i had used pThreads on iOS version, but now on android im using JNI to do all network related calls.
Facebook connect is done using the fb-android sdk.