Game Development Project in cocos2d-x ($ 50)


Good evening,
My name is Nabeel Nasir. I am student of 12th Grade and I’m doing a professional course (Level 3) in Information Management & Technology.
Actually I need to make a game similar to this: . I already have a good part of code written because I watched a course which taught me to make a game like this video I sent you. I do not have much experience in making applications for Android, but I’m having some problems to setup Cocos2d-x on Windows.
I want to create two versions of this game, the first version I want it to be very similar to the video I sent you and this will serve for a school project also, and in the second version I want to basically reuse the code written but instead of appearing to crush moles will appear politicians and I want to change the images to make it look different from the other (I want to create a list that appears on the screen so that the user can choose a country, so that only the politicians of that country appear in the game. I want you to help me to do this to one country (for example America or Germany,etc) and then I’ll do the rest.) and so I was wondering if you know how to use Photoshop well or some other tool that allows us to work in images. So basically this is what I need you to do.
I have saved $ 50 for this work, if you are interested, leave a reply with your email address.
Nabeel Nasir.


I can give that job to my neighbours son.
(He can do it for the german part of your request)

Please tell me your email for more info.


Ok, my e-mail is


I can participate on your project, send me a PM with the details