Game developed in cocos2d-x -- photon compatible or custom?

Game developed in cocos2d-x -- photon compatible or custom?
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Hey guys,

I’m planning to develop a multi-player gaming app and I have a few concerns I want to ask and perhaps get some feedbacks on. I have been given a mixture of different solutions to my idea and I want to confirm and see which solution will be most efficient and cost effective. This game will be a multi-player game, some of the main features of this game is as follows:

  1. users will be faced up against each other online, we will be using an XP(experience points) leveling system
  2. We plan to pre-record all the “moves” in the game, so at times player will be playing against an opponent from actions that were recorded in prior games.
  3. Each players will be arranged in each match according to their XP. Level 1 players will be playing against Level 1-5 players while Level 5 will be playing against Level 5-10 etc.
  4. Notification of Matches, Game news will be sent to players occasionally
  5. we plan to integrate messaging system, adding friend feature in the near future

I was given two solutions.

  1. photon server with script add-ons ( was recommended by a few that photon shouldn’t be a problem, similar to SmartFox server but alot of games use Photon due to its compatibility and features.
  2. our own custom back end server ( Was also recommended by a few that based on the “multi-player” compatibility, it wouldn’t be possible to go with photon and better off developing a custom)

There is a huge gap in regards to the pricing for both solutions as custom does cost more @ the end of the day.

What do you guys think? Will photon work with my features? Or will it be better to go custom long term wise. Or any alternatives I should look at?

Thanks guys!


Hi guys,

Any feedbacks on this?

After further research I assume photon is compatible with additional script development?

Thanks alot guys


Anybody with knowledge can provide initial feedbacks? Based on further understanding it does not have thefunctionality but can we do additional script development on top? Thanks


Hi socall89.

Sorry for the late answer. I don’t check this forum too often, so I have not seen your question until now.

Photon Server allows you to add custom server side code to add any kind feature that isn’t available out of the box.
Photon server basically consists of three different code layers: a) a high performance C++ low level core, b) a C# API, c) a C# application layer.
a) and b) are designed to only contain stuff that can stay the same for every kind of game.
c) is where higher level logic like room logic, interest management or load balancing lay. This application layer is open source and you can add you own applications to which your clients connect to either by developing them from scratch or by modifying or inheriting existing ones to extend them with your needed functionality.