Game center, Openfeint/GREE, Scoreloop, etc

Game center, Openfeint/GREE, Scoreloop, etc
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Hi there,

A high level question this…

My game Lexigon is on GC iPhone, and almost done port for android with Scoreloop.

Now I could also add scoreloop to my GC iPhone version, but if you keep doing that you’ll have quite a bit of bloat. And confuse the users a bit.

I was thinking of another route, maybe I have another game called ‘Lexigon S’ which uses scoreloop rather than game center. Do you think this is frowned upon by users?

From my own point of view, after 6 months writing game then another 6 months of fixing all the bugs it’s sad to be lost in the apple store. You only get the big downloads when you release a new app, if it has bugs you have no hope. No amount of fixing or adding functionality gets you noticed. So I’m weighing up releasing an identical game but with different high score server against upsetting users? Then again a scoreloop user may want a scoreloop version for iPhone.

Ah the dilemma of being me. Any thoughts?