forum improvements suggestion

forum improvements suggestion
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I think we need to put all efforts to help newbies. More users is better for the platform.

The FAQ section is great but its oudated. I have several suggestions:

  • Just put a link to the wiki in the faq post
  • Check all the links, remove brokens and add news.

I offer myself to do any of those tasks.

By the way, I’ve detected a problem with the forums, and it’s that the messages do not allow break spaces, what affects to the readability of the posts.

All with the aim of helping :slight_smile:


Thanks for you suggestion. I just updated the sticky FAQ, how do you feel about it?

About the break spaces, it’s really a bug. I asked the website maintainerto fix it.


thanks for considering the suggestions :slight_smile:


The reference guide can give a short description for the function available for eg: virtual bool ccTouchBegan (CCTouch * pTouch,CCEvent * pEvent) and a small source sample if possible.

In forums it is better to have different sub categories like newbies,AI,porting…, etc…


the wiki can be edited by the community. Please feel cree to add content :slight_smile: