For Eclipse, CCLog doesn't work. CCMessageBox works well.

For Eclipse, CCLog doesn't work. CCMessageBox works well.
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I’m using the latest code checked out from GitHub. (0.13.0 beta)

I’m developing for Android with Eclipse. I did added COCOS2D_DEBUG in I checked and made sure that COCOS2D_DEBUG was indeed defined with the value of 1.

Problem: CCLog won’t print anything to the LogCat. In the meantime, CCMessageBox works well.

(I then tested the same set of code on iOS, both CCLog and CCMessageBox work well.)

What am I missing here?


If you use CCLog(), not CCLOG(), you don’t need to define COCOS2D_DEBUG.
I haven’t met the problem.


I have the same problems to log for debugging in my Eclipse project.

I try to log with CCLog() or CCLOG () with the #define COCOS2D_DEBUG 1 but this doesn’t work.
I also try with Log.d, LOGD, CCMessageBox ans even System.println but Eclipse still say syntax errors or this weird thing :

Multiple markers at this line
- expected unqualified-id before
- expected unqualified-id before
- Syntax error
- Syntax error

when I use this from my main.cpp :

@CCLOG(“info : %s”, “hello”);@

Please could someone help me to output values…