fmod license in CocosDenshion linux

fmod license in CocosDenshion linux
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How come there is no mention about license of fmod inside CocosDenshion linux platform? I checked the website of fmod and it doesn’t seem to be compatible with any of the other components of cocos2d, including CocosDenshion itself.

Basically you cannot use it freely for commercial use of any kind.

I see that Feature#723 in Issues was supposed to have removed this, but it hasn’t removed all.

I can’t seem to be able to open a ticket in Issues to report this.


But linux is used for debug, not used for releasing.
So I think it is not a problem.


That is fine, but please at least add a license text file for fmod so it doesn’t confuse. There is no mention whether linux is only for development, so it is a bit vague. License for cocosdenshion that fmod is being used says there is no restriction on ‘publish’, ‘distribute’, etc. which is not true with fmod, and there is no exception clause for Linux either.

The current version no longer has document directory with license text file for fmod that used to be there before. Maybe include it back for completeness?


Ok, I will add the licence of fmod.