Fixed Semantic Issue in Latest Source Code

Fixed Semantic Issue in Latest Source Code
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Hi. Today I grab a latest copy of the source code from GitHub and I tried to compile it… failed.
It says:

Semantic Issue
‘&&’ within ‘||’

Then I realize there is a careless mistake in CCLabelBMFont.cpp, on line 201

return ch >= 0x0009 && ch <= 0x000D

should be

return (ch >= 0x0009 && ch <= 0x000D)



Now I’m seeing another Semantic Issue, in HelloWorldScene.cpp

on line 198,

>CCPoint location = touch->locationInView(touch->view());

the error says

>No member named ‘view’ in ‘cocos2d::CCTouch’

hmm how is this possible?

  1. && and ||
    We should make the meaning clearly, but it will not cause building error.
  2. HelloWorldScene only has 81 lines, then what’s line 198?
    May be you should refer

Thank you.


Hi, thanks for reply.

  1. I’m using the latest XCode and somehow it stopped me from compiling and warned me about the “return ch >= 0x0009 && ch <= 0x000D” issue. Now I think probably it stops me due to the second issue instead of this one.

  2. I should have mentioned it’s the HelloWorldScene.cpp in xcode4 template. “cocos2d-x/template/xcode4/cocos2dx_box2d.xctemplate/Classes/HelloWorldScene.cpp”

I will check out that link. Thanks again.


I fixed it yesterday.
Please update your codes.

Thank you.