First Time user -trouble compiling under VC++2010 Express

First Time user -trouble compiling under VC++2010 Express
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I’ve installed as per the tutorial at and everything is going fine until it is time to run the windows 32 version of hello world.

I’m getting a long list of compile / include errors, and each time I fix one I get a few more. I can fix them by manually searching and adding more folders to the include list of my project. However, this seems pointlessly time-consuming and makes me think something should have been automated.

I’m new to Cocos-2dx and Visual studio, so open to the idea I’m doing something wrong. Is it possible I’ve skipped a step, or am I doing the right thing?


Has noone else had this problem?


Please use template to create a new windows project.


I’ve got it working. I think my problem was trying to create a new project.

Reread the instructions and realised they said to create a new ‘solution’ within the test project supplied with cocos2d-x.

It is working now.

Will all my future apps have to be created within this original test project?