First time cocos2d user with marmalade

First time cocos2d user with marmalade
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Hey everyone,

I ran the HelloWorld/airplay/HelloWorld.mkb file with marmalade and I am getting an error saying “IwAssert failure (S3E, 36). Message: Config setting [s3e] SCREENSIZE is deprecated. The new name for this setting is: DispAreaQ” How should I fix this? Should I download an older version of marmalade or update the cocos2d code?


I have been using AirplaySDK/Marmalade with cocos2d-x and I just update the app.icf settings to the new ones. If you need to know the exact settings I use then I can post them later.


Hey Francis, you would be a life saver if you could post the app.icf settings.


All you need in the app.icf file for the HelloWorld demo is:


Be aware there seems to be some issue with rotation of the screen. When I develop in Windows and the Marmalade simulator everything will be landscape but when I deploy to the device it will be portrait. I just put some defines in the code for now to force it one way or the other. I think there is a thread on this.


The settings fixed the original error, but there’s a new error now:

IwAssert failure (S3E, 1694).
Message: Unavailable GLES function called


The code runs fine on my android device, just not the simulator. I am guessing it is an issue with open gl. Is there a way to force cocos2d to use software rendering to help avoid incompatibilities?


I had similar problems where things would run on the device but not on my PC with the simulator.

I did get it working for some settings in the app.icf but that was when things were still AirplaySDK and they may have changed some of the settings.

If you look up in the documenataion ASSERTIONS there is some information on turrning them off in the app.icf


I was also playing around with the [TRACE] section:


I ended up just buying a new video card that supported GLES better than the built in Intel graphics my PC came with. I tried an ATI card, didn’t work well, the NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT card has been working with no complaints from the Marmalade simulator.


Thanks for all your help. It seems like hardware rendering on AMD cards simply don’t work with marmalade. I am going to have to get an nVidia card somehow.


Hi Ferose Babu,

Your Answer is hidden in your question SCREENSIZE is deprecated so use “DispAreaQ” in app.icf file.

how to use……
MemSize=[s3e]DispAreaQ + 4846400

Note:4846400 is memory size u can give according to game requirment.