Finding whether a trasition between scenes has ended


Hey guys,

I have a situation in the game I’m making that requires me to know when a transition between scenes has ended and I can’t find a solution anywhere.

Basically what needs to happen is this:-

Scene 1 intro,
Scene 1 input, register move to scene 2
Scene 1 outro
Scene 2 intro
Scene 2 input
Scene 2 output when required

I have a simple state machine in each scene to handle the intro, input, outro elements of each scene, but my problem arises during the transition.
As soon as the transition start the processing for the next scene starts, and by the time the transition is over the intro to the scene is over also.
Without anyway of finding out when the transition has finished I don’t know when to start the intro to scene 2. Is there a way to perhaps block processing until the transition has finished or just a way of finding when it has finished?


Try overriding onEnterTransitionDidFinish().