Find a bug in reading plist file on win32 platform

Find a bug in reading plist file on win32 platform
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From the mac on the plist, UTF-8 format, copy win32 on. The same source also copy over the direct use vs2008 to run, read the file data, there will be garbled.
But garbage is no problem, because transcoding it. But that is read in cocos2d-x course, there will be a string interception problem.
You can modify the file CCFileUtils.cpp fix this bug.
CCFileUtils.cpp find all documents where this variable using m_sCurKey, setObject function the following line to the value “”
Then in the case SAX_KEY inside the original m_sCurKey = pText~~> m_sString modified
if ) {
m_sCurKey + = pText~~> m_sString;
else {
m_sCurKey = pText-> m_sString;


Excuse me, but where’s the CCFileUtils.cpp? Do you mean CCFileUtils_win32.cpp?
But I cannot find m_sCurKey in CCFileUtils_win32.cpp (in last release v0.10.0)
What the ccx version are you using now?


CCFileUtils.cpp path:2d-1.0.1-x-0.9.2\cocos2dx\platform\CCFileUtils.cpp


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tests also use many plists, and they are ok.
Did you modify the file after the file is coping to win32?


Plist file in my mac the next generation, and file key value is a combination of Chinese and English.
Plist file and then copied to win32, using vs2008 tool to read the file, use the tracking code breakpoints, see the memory there will be garbled, then there will be a string of error interception.
plist file in the key value must be combined to appear in Chinese and English.

Above is my operation.
I have absolutely no modified under win32 file.