FAQ & Forum rules, please read before posting

FAQ & Forum rules, please read before posting
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Welcome! Welcome to cocos2d-x forum! Here’re some best practice for you to have a happy engagement with us.

How can I set my avartar/portrait on forum

The same as github.com accounts, your avartar here is linked to your Gravatar.com settings. You can link your registered email and your portrait on Gravatar.com, then it will be shown on both github.com and this forum.

Where can I find documents

  • All titles of wiki pages are listed HERE, please check that you can not find the corresponding content before you ask.
  • [[Developers Manual]], I know you need it
  • [[HowTos]] involves some FAQ in the forum

Where can I find API References

  • Online API [[Reference]] is here
  • You can find document/doxygen.config (v2.0.2 and higher), or doxygen/doxygen.cocos2d-x (v2.0.1 and lower) in cocos2d-x zipballs. Use doxygen to open this config file, run and generate your offline API Reference.

How to ask for help

  • Always use English.
  • Search for your question on the forums first. It’s likely someone may have already answered your question, and you won’t have to waste time waiting for it to be answered again. In addition, moderators may delete questions that have already been asked in order to keep the “noise” down on the forums.
  • Always describe the the following infos for your question
    • Platform, e.g. iOS, Android, Windows.
    • SDK version. e.g. Android 4.1)
    • Target device, e.g. Samsung i9100
    • Version of cocos2d-x you using
  • Pasting source code or a sample project to reproduce your question/bug will apparently make the life easier
  • Use marks to high light your source code and make it more readable: <pre><code class=“cpp”>int yourcode = 10</code></pre>
  • Be friendly. Don’t post questions that appear to have a demanding or urgent tone to the words. Remember, your emergency or frustration isn’t likely to be shared by others.
  • Use meaningful title and descriptions to enable others to help, and facilitate future searches by other users.

How to report bugs?

*** We try to avoid “issues exploding” just like android community. To work effectively, the permission of creating issues is not open to everyone, but only for core developers & active contributors. So there’re 2 ways to report a bug:
*** (1) report bugs here, in this forum, if we check it’s really a bug, not a tech support or error usage / error installation, we will create issue for your report and trace it.
*** pull your bug fixes directly on github, send your pull request to github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x.git
h2. How can I contribute to the community?
*** Feel free to write tutorials in the wiki or in your blog (but please then link them via the wiki). Specific instructions on using the wiki can be found here

Thanks to all contributors!