Facing problem when i use CCRenderTexture .

Facing problem when i use CCRenderTexture .
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Hi all i want to use CCRenderTexture in cocos2d-x with marmalade .
But when i create object of CCRenderTexture class then in run time application was creased and show error message . you can find the attached screen shot .

i used following line of code for create object of CCRenderTexture .

CCRenderTexture * tex = CCRenderTexture::renderTextureWithWidthAndHeight(screenSize.width, screenSize.height);


Screen Shot 2012-01-06 at 10.31.30 AM.png (26.3 KB)


Yes, this is a known issue with the x86 mac Marmalade simulator.
Unfortunately the DGLES library, used by Marmalade simulator on the MAC, doesn’t exposes the GL_OES_framebuffer_object extension.
By the way it should work on the device.

There is not much to do, try to post a request on the Marmalade forum.
Good luck.