Facing issue with C++ side Crash reporting and its aggregation.

Facing issue with C++ side Crash reporting and its aggregation.
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Is there a way to get C++ side crashes from an application installed on android devices and aggregate them? I have tried reading stack traces from logcat and sending it over to server ( Bugsense/Acra) but these crashes are not aggregating on server side. It has become really difficult to symbolicate all the stack traces on server. Please suggest which crash reporting mechanism we can use with cocos2dx-android platform.


I am sorry, I don’t understand your meaning fully.
I think you can use ndk-stack to translate stack traces.
Detail information please refer NDK documents.


I can translate stack traces using ndk-stack but I have about 5 thousands stack traces on the Bugsense to be translated.The issue is that these stack traces are not aggregating on bugsense i.e. there are 5 thousands different crashes reported on bugsense. Whereas, a lot of these crashes would be the same.

Is there a better way of crash reporting for cocos2dx C++ side crashes?


I have the same problem as you (many crash reports nad no time to process it).

I have prepared this idea for future processing:
1.collect crash reports by ACRA in to google docs
2.download this crash reports like xls sheet
3.run CrashReport aggregator over this sheet
4.result is new sheet with grouped and resolved crashs

CrashReport aggregator:
Java program, which go trough each row in crash report sheet and resolve founded crashs from logcat by run adr2line as command in java code.
Each resolved crash log is compared with previous crashes and grouped to them or save as new.

Mayby its possible do this directly on server by java servlet and Google API.

This program is only in my head for this time. But for future its really necessenary.

Mayby we can collaborate?

PS: Are you able to receive logcat in BugSense? If I tried BugSence, I didnt find possibility to receive logCat data. Only java stack.


You can send logcat data through Bugsense. You have to implement a custom exception and throw it with logcat data as its message when your application has crashed. The bugsense exception handler will catch our custom exception and send it to bugsense server along with logcat data.

It seems there is no other way to aggregate C++ side crash reports other then implementing our own server where we will symbolicate stack traces and aggregate them.