Facebook for Windows Phone

Facebook for Windows Phone
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I try with cocos2d-x facebook for Windows Phone.
I searched but the thing i saw is facebook social plugins for android and ios.
Have any help with windows phone?

thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
Sr, my writting english skill is bad :frowning:


same here need help. thankq


you can use the xaml project to integrade, here is about thirdSDK in wp8: https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos-docs/blob/master/manual/framework/native/sdk-integration/wp8-thirdSDK/zh.md, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17304386/how-does-one-make-function-calls-or-trigger-events-from-a-native-component-into, it’s how to call c# methods from c++ in the #2. Thanks.