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如果引用switch空间,在andriod设备htc desire s中切换程序至后台,然后再切换至前台,会导致所有sprite变为白方块,其他控件未发现该现象。在TestCpp中亦有该现象


Please use english in this forum.
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I don’t know what’s “switch widget”.
Could you please write the steps to reproduce this issue by running TestCpp?


I also got the similar issue.
In my android game, I added an arrow for shooting player. Sometimes when player and arrow got contact and collision, the arrow and another sprite’s image would change to a white box. I’m pretty sure I didn’t change the texture when contact happened.
I don’t know why there was a bug.


Does it happened on Android?
What’s the engine version?
Is it hard to reproduce?
How to reproduce it?


… I think i know where is the problem…
it’s my bad not the cocos2d-x’s bug.