[Extensions] Chartboost Wrapper for cocos2d-x

[Extensions] Chartboost Wrapper for cocos2d-x
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Hi everyone:

I wrote a C++ wrapper of Chartboost for Cocos2d-X recently. Currently supports Android and iOS.

Chartboost is a platform for internal cross-promotion, direct cross-promotion with other apps, or promoting across a wide network.(http://chartboost.com/web)

If you guys want to use Chartboost in your Cocos2d-X game, you can use this Wrapper easily.

repo address: https://github.com/wenbin1989/Charboost-x


Thanks. Before I saw your implementation I did my simple Chartboost wrapper iOS only.

It’s a bit simpler then yours (but not that complete). Here it is if anyone want’s a iOS only code.


Hi Wenbin ,

I am using your wrapper to work with chartBoost but its not working.

  1. I used your code , it says: “about to display interstitial at location Default” , but it does not display anything , I have already replaced AppId and App signature with my app, which I created on chartBoost.

For this App Id and Signature I already got Test interstitial using the sample iOS project given by ChartBoost, so there may not be any problem from adding the app and publishing the campaign part.

What might be the problem ?


We have released SDKBOX, a new SDK for integrating ADColony, Chartboost, Vungle and Kochava. Google Anayltics and IAP coming. Here is the website.