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Hello everyone,

I have a “random” crash with a EXC_BAD_ACCESS using CC_SYNTHESIZE after a certain amount of times using it and was wondering if I am doing something wrong or if it is a bug with the CC_SYNTHESIZE macro.

I am using Xcode to build my project on the iPhone simulator with cocos2d-x v1.0.0

I use the following line to create a sythesized variable (this is also the line the debbuger stops on when I have the EXC_BAD_ACCESS crash):
CC_SYNTHESIZE(int, playValue, PlayValue);

I do this to set the variable (this is the before last line of code in the debbuger when it crashes)

This works most of the time but after a while I get the EXC_BAD_ACCESS crash.

Is there a known issue or has this been fixed in v1.0.1?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


I think it is nothing about the mocro. What did you do in setPlayValue()?


I put an int with a value from 0 to 999.
I have tried displaying this int in a CCLOG before hand to see if it had an invalid value, but it displays the correct value properly even when a crash occurs.