Event / Method When Scene or Layer is Active?

Event / Method When Scene or Layer is Active?
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Is there an event or method that a CCScene or CCLayer receives when it becomes active?

My situation is this:

called “replaceScene()” with SceneA, now SceneA is active / foreground.

called “pushScene()” with SceneB, now SceneB is active / foreground (and SceneA is hidden)

called “popScene()” within SceneB, now SceneB closes and SceneA becomes active again

QUESTION: Is there a way for SceneA to know it is back to the front of the scene stack and take action?


Try *onEnter()*

// SceneA.h
class SceneA : public cocos2d::CCLayer {
   // Members

   // Other methods

   virtual void onEnter();

// SceneA.cpp
void SceneA::onEnter() {
   // onEnter() is called everytime the layer is on screen.
   // You can also use onEnterTransitionDidFinish()
   CCLOG( "SceneA: Oh hey, I'm on stage!" );


Thank you very much for the response.

I ended up using

virtual void onEnterTransitionDidFinish();

That seems to work with CocosBuilder CCLayers.

I might be missing something with onEnter(); because it gave me trouble.

Is there some minimum amount of setup I should do in onEnter() like turn on touch?

The issue I had with onEnter was that it was called but the CocosBuilder didn’t work correctly with the onEnter() method in place.

Thanks again, working very nicely.